Goodnow Community Center

About Us

In June of 1995 the Baltimore Police Athletic League opened their first center at this location. Their mission was to reduce juvenile-involved crime and victimization by allowing young people to interact with police officers in a positive setting while participating in constructive activities that offer support in the areas of academic enrichment, character development, cultural arts, and athletics.

When the PAL’s were closed in Baltimore City, Goodnow chose to remain open and became an independently run program with Civic Works continuing to support the center with academic enrichment.

Goodnow provides a variety of academic, recreational and enrichment activities that promote respect, honesty, cultural diversity, civic responsibility and teamwork. The center offers employment for college age youth through AmeriCorps who serve as counselors that provide homework assistance and support academic skills development in participating youth. The program year is divided into thematic months, which guide the academic, enrichment, and recreation activities.


Our after-school program at the Goodnow Community Center enjoys good communication with parents and family members and benefits from the presence of enthusiastic, committed AmeriCorps members who relate well to the youth bridging generations and providing role models at different levels.

Refugee Computer Class Celebration

Refugee Computer Class Celebration

Karesa Bari is Napalese for community garden. Goodnow's garden is next to the building and provided abundant vegetables this summer.

Karesa Bari is Napalese for community garden. Goodnow's garden is located on the side of the main building. This year's harvest from the garden provided tomatoes, eggplant, scallions, sweet potatoes, cantalope and herbs.

Caryl Alexander of Young Audiences facilitated a workshop with the Goodnow youth and they created three totem-like yard art which was placed in the garden.

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